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Wildlife laws
After a child in Melbourne has a reptile party, the next step may be the wanting of a reptile as a pet. In years past this involved going into the bush or a paddock and getting a lizard or snake and keeping it in a cage. Those days are now long gone.
Reptiles are according to the government are protected. However the real situation is that they are regulated. That is the government has laws governing everything to do with reptiles and frogs. If you want to go out and kill a hundred snakes and lizards, no one will stop you and you will never be charged. So they are not protected. But if you or a small child decides to rescue a lizard crossing a main highway and take it home for study, they are liable to be jailed.
There are now many laws governing the keeping of reptiles in Australia. These regulate everything and they do not have any benefits for the reptiles or the public. They were brought in by government wildlife departments to protect their own dysfunctional business entities, the main ones being their own government-run city zoos. Faced with ever increasing competition for the entertainment dollar, via shopping malls now open on weekends and all other kinds of entertainment, the big city zoos, lost their effective monopoly on weekend entertainment and so their visitor numbers have dropped steadily over recent decades.
To try to protect their market, they simply outlawed most of their competition. This was done via the live wildlife laws, making it illegal for many people to keep reptiles and other animals as pets, over-regulating those who do and most importantly giving a legislative and legal means to use and abuse the law to shut down any serious competitors against the large government-run business enterprises who do wildlife or reptile shows.
In all Australian states, kid-wonders who have a lifetime passion in reptiles are being stopped in their tracks by heavy-handed government officials making sure that zoo reptile keepers and their mates do not have competitors for the media spotlight.
In Queensland, Steve Irwin aggressively got mates in government to shut down anyone he saw as a business competitor. Fortunately Karma got him in the end and he was killed when illegally mistreating a Stingray.
In Melbourne and Sydney, the government-owned zoos are ruthless in their actions to shut down business competitors.
The animal business has got a very nasty side and a side rarely seen outside of its closed circles. The media portrayal of government-run zoos being saviours of wildlife is the complete opposite of the reality. In fact they are nothing but large bureaucratic monsters who do far more harm than good.


A kids reptile party is an affordable way to get a hands on experience with wildlife in Australia through a mobile reptile show. However because the people who do these educational wildlife incursions are viewed by the government-run zoos as a competitor for their businesses, there is a strong push to outlaw any kind of mobile wildlife show or kids reptile parties. In the meantime, if you can get to see a live reptile show, do!