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For Australia's best reptiles®, reptile shows, parties, reptiles at events, school incursions and the like, Snakebusters", are unbeatable. They are also the ONLY hands on reptiles® mobile reptile show in Australia - all other reptile shows only allow audiences to look at or at best touch the animals, whereas Snakebusters allow people to hold the animals.

In recent years a number of other wildlife display companies have sought to demonize "hands on" as practiced by Snakebusters, with numerous posts on internet forums and the like condemning Raymond Hoser and his company Snakebusters for having the audacity to allow people to hold reptiles. Raymond Hoser makes no apologies. Snakebusters is first and foremost an education company that de-demonizes snakes and other reptiles. The best way to do this is to allow people the right to come close to and hold the reptiles. Our most common question is, "Why don't they bite?" ... which goes to prove too many people are giving the wrong message when it comes to reptile education.

With reptile education, it's best to get it right the first time and that's why you should demand Australia's best reptiles, which is only Snakebusters!

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