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For Australia's best reptiles®, other wildlife at your party, incursion, display or event, Snakebusters are unbeatable. The only hands on reptiles® mobile reptile and wildlife show in Australia is Snakebusters.

In the period 2006 to 2011 some new entrants to the wildlife education business have fiercely attacked Snakebusters for letting people hold reptiles. Snakebusters makes no apologies and the owner of Snakebusters, Australia's Snake Man Raymond Hoser was quoted saying:

"I am gobsmacked that some people who claim to be educating about reptiles, go out of their way to demonize the animals and try to instill unjustified fear into people who may wish to hold the animals."In more than 30 years of handling snakes, Snakebusters have an impeccable safety record that's unrivalled in the traveling wildlife and reptile display business. Whether it's a kids school incursion, childrens wildlife display, corporate event or kid's parties, travelling reptile shows with Snakebusters are guaranteed safe!
To book Australia's BEST reptiles show in Melbourne, Victoria or elsewhere, phone Snakebusters®, Hands on reptiles® on:
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