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Snake handling course

For a great snake handling and reptile awareness session see the summary below:
When the weather warms up people often think of one thing and that is snakes!
They come out of hibernation when we do and often our paths clash. Most people have a common-sense approach to snakes and leave them alone, but every year people get bitten because they lack this very important thing. That is common sense!
Being told by someone you live with or work with the right thing to do with snakes often results in the message being ignored. But when the message comes from a recognized expert on snakes the result can be quite different. In Melbourne, Victoria Australia there is only one internationally known reptile expert and that is Ray Hoser. Better known as the snake man, he is the only person the state doing live reptile shows, kids parties, school incursions and other educational displays who really knows his stuff.
Hoser’s nine books are cited as authoritative as all and furthermore his hundreds of scientific papers are cited globally on a regular basis. In fact it is hard to find a recently published book that doesn’t rely on Hoser’s research, papers and the like in one way or other.
In terms of snake safety, Hoser also has an unmatched perfect safety record. He’s never had a drop of anti-venom in his life and yet he handles the world’s deadliest snakes on a daily basis.
Ray Hoser also does the only nationally accredited snake handling course education in Australia that issues certificates recognized outside of Australia as well.
Hoser’s sessions can be adapted to most types of outdoor occupational groups likely to encounter snakes and he is a regular at corporate toolbox talks in Melbourne and other parts of Australia.
Hoser is alone in Victoria in that he can legally bring venomous snakes into a workplace. This is due to him alone having the expertise to have surgically devenomized snakes, certified by the world’s best veterinary surgeons and tested as 100 per cent safe.
Why would anyone risk dealing with an inexperienced and unsafe imitator?
For those even more adventurous, Hoser also does Australia’s best venomous snake handling courses for training snake handlers and others who may need to relocate snakes that get themselves into the wrong place at the wrong time. Venomous snake course training includes being taught about all OH and S and other legal requirements as regards to snakes and other wildlife, as well as the laws relating to catching and killing reptiles.
First aid for venomous snake bite is taught as are the essentials of finding wild snakes. This is critical for catchers as snakes usually flee when seen and as a result are not visible when a snake handler arrives on the scene after being called in. Snake catching courses for reptile control and wildlife controllers are always fun to do, even if they do cause a rush of blood when handling agitated venomous snakes. However they are an essential ingredient for anyone seeking to engage in a career in reptile relocation.
People thinking of doing a snake handler course or wanting to know the details of what is involved should go to the snake handling course website at

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