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For only hold the animals®, reptile display, Snakebusters are it. It's that simple, because no other wildlife demonstrating company allows this to happen. The rest do "show and tell" only. Because Snakebusters are the one and only hands on reptiles® show in Australia, they are also universally rated as Australia's best reptiles.

There is a group of people who reckon that the only good snake is a dead snake. Raymond Hoser and Snakebusters are the target of this group's hatred and you can find the vilification of Australia's snake man all over the web. However Raymond Hoser and the team at Snakebusters don't apologise for making reptiles accessible to all in a safe and educational setting. The fact that Snakebusters incursions are unbeatable fun is just so much better!

Snakebusters travel all over the place from their home base in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, but the extent of travel depends on what's being done. For kids reptile parties, Melbourne is pretty much where we go. For school incursions, anywhere in Victoria is fair game. For the snake handling courses and TV work, we go anywhere!

Often it pays to get Australia's best, even if travel makes Snakebusters more expensive than a less experienced local alternative

Only Snakebusters has Australia's snakeman with over 40 verifiable years at the leading edge of Australian reptile science and education

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